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Can your tree be saved?

We love TREES at Clayton’s Tree Service. We are certified arborists- we spend as much time caring for and maintaining trees as we do removing them.

We don’t encourage the irresponsible removal of trees, but sometimes a tree has to go. There can be many reasons for removing trees, and hear are a few:

Diseased Trees: Trees with advanced diseases need to be removed, as many tree disorders are contagious to other trees. We can prescribe treatment for many diseases, but sometimes the treee has got to go.

Wrong Location: Some trees should have never been planted where they are, especially trees with large root structures that are close to structures or infrastructure.

In The Way: Sometimes trees are in the way of development. Whether you’re building a pool or building a new subdivision, trees need to be removed.

Storm Damage: After being battered by a storm, many trees can be saved, although they might have so much damage that they are asymmetrical or unstable.

Sunlight: Some people’s properties have too much shade to match their lifestyles.  Whether it’s to make room for a patio, lawn, or garden, trees sometimes need to be removed.