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Clayton’s Tree Service offers premier tree removal, tree care and arborist services to all of Harford and Cecil County, Maryland. We are a Maryland DNR Licensed Tree Expert (LTE), and we are are fully insured. We are more than a tree removal company, we are certified arborists who are obsessed with trees.

What we believe SERVICE spells out to be.


Safety: Above all, our first priority is always safety. Cutting corners or lack of knowledge can result in catastrophe or even loss of life. We follow all OSHA standards and keep our equipment well maintained.

Expertise: We know that our team of professionals is our backbone, so we treat them well.  As a result, we have a team of experienced, tenured professionals that make the job look easy.

Reliability: While weather and safety don’t always agree with each other, we have a reputation of showing up on time, promptly completing the job and cleaning up after ourselves.

Value: We are safe, efficient tree experts who believe in low overhead and keeping our rates extremely competitive.

Insured: We hold over $2,000,000 in liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Careful: We realize that we are guests in your yard, and your property needs to be treated with respect, Whether we are “airlifting a tree” over your house with our crane, or installing temporary roads so our equipment doesn’t tear up your lawn,

Efficiency: We have over 20 pieces of heavy equipment and countless tree cutting and trimming tools to make sure that our team can work as efficiently as possible.

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Tree Removal

We have the team and industry-leading equipment to safely remove any tree with minimal lot damage.

Quality Tree Removal

Dangerous Tree Removal

Tree Removal by Crane

Damage-Free Tree Removal

Storm Damage/ Emergency Tree Removal

Tree & Bush Trimming & Pruning

We trim, prune and maintain all types of trees. From ornamental bushes like crepe myrtles to oversized oak trees, we know what, when, and where to prune, ensuring your trees are in shape for their best health and growth.

Overgrown Trees

Trees in Power Lines

Trees Threatening Buildings

Ambushing/Brush Control

Lot Clearing

We have the team and the right equipment to safely and efficiently clear lots of any size, from small lots to entire subdivisions and shopping centers.




Arborist Services

As licensed and certified arborists, we are qualified to help you diagnose resolve tree problems.

Tree Diseases

Tree Pests

Tree Cabling

Tree Growth Correction

Stump Grinding & Removal

We offer Stump Removal and Stump Grinding whether we remove the trees,  someone else does, or a storm knocks them down.




Dumpster Services

We own and maintain over 25 large dumpsters.  If you have a construction/demolition project, or lots of bulk trash, we will deliver the dumpster, and then remove it along with the rubbish and debris in it.