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Storm Damage & Emergency Tree Removal Services

Harford & Cecil Counties

The experts at Clayton’s Tree Service are here to help you with emergency tree removal, clean-up and tree damage repair services after severe storms, ice storms, and high winds.  Property owners in Harford and Cecil counties and the surrounding area can trust our tree removal expertise for help when they need it most.

In the event that a strong storm causes your trees to become damaged, you will need Maryland Licensed Tree Expert to handle the cleanup. The damage may have harmed your structure, foundation, driveway, patio, powerlines, or even other landscaping. Our crew can quickly and efficiently remove any fallen or threatening trees and limbs from your property.

Our company offers tree services to both residents and business owners throughout Maryland

Storm Damage

Uprooted Tree Removal

Removal From Structures

Broken Limb Repair & Pruning

Who is responsible for a tree falling on my property during a storm?

Although we are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice, we have removed many storm-damaged trees in the state of Maryland.  In most cases, in the event of wind/storm damage, the property owner is responsible for healthy trees that fall on their property, even if the tree is rotted next-door.  Your homeowner’s insurance almost always covers the costs of removal and clean-up of a tree that falls on a structure.  If the tree falls in your yard and damages no structure, your insurance probably will not pay.

In some cases, your neighbor could be liable for one of  their trees falling on your property.  When the neighbor-owned tree does the damage AND the neighbor was negligent in removing or securing the tree before the storm, they could be liable. We recommend you contact your insurance carrier or an attorney if you feel this is the case.

For more information on storm-damage tree liability, click here.

Emergency Tree Removal

Serving Bel Air, Aberdeen, Fallston, Elkton, Joppa,

Havre de Grace and surrounding areas

Removing storm-damaged trees in the wake of a storm or wind disaster is a very dangerous tree removal service. Even if the service is in the day, debris, and water make accessibility tough. Additionally, it is not easy to assess tree damage with an unexperienced eye.  If a damaged tree appears to be unaffected by a storm, the tree removal might not go exactly as planned. Our ISA certified arborist can assess your tree damage and recommend the perfect solution to either save or remove your trees.

Clayton’s Tree Service has plenty of the right equipment to remove your storm damaged trees with Licensed Tree Experts who have the knowledge of tree removal.

If you need emergency tree removal, you can count on Clayton’s Tree Service! You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have been the tree heroes in the wake of hurricanes, ice storms, tropical storms, high wind damage, ice storms and snow storms.  We are a Licensed Tree Expert, ISA Certified Arborist, and we have been cleaning up storms in Harford and Cecil County for over 14 years.

Reliable Emergency Tree Removal

When you’re in the middle of an emergency, you might be tempted to choose the first tree guy with a truck and a chain saw, however, it is not the best approach as the number one priority should always be safety. In Maryland, all medium and large trees must be removed by a Department Natural Resources Licensed Tree Expert (LTE).

Locating a reliable, safe service is key in an emergency situation. When choosing a tree removal company, make sure that they are LTE Certified, fully insured and that they provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Secure Location
Removal of the damaged tree is only half of the challenge in the wake of a storm. The location needs to be secured so that further damage or injury doesn’t happen. To secure the location, we will place a protective barrier over anything that has been damaged as a result of the fallen tree or limb. For example, if the tree fell onto your roof, we place a tarp over the damage to prevent water and mold damage.

Tree Damage Prevention
There are symptoms when a tree is in danger of falling and doing damage. By knowing these signs, you can help prevent many trees from falling. Signs that indicate trouble and action should be taken include:

  • The tree is is starting to lean
  • The trunk of the tree is cracking, bark is falling off or you see pests or disease.
  • The leaves are brown, wilted or non-existent in the spring and summer.

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Protecting your trees before the storm

  1. Inspect your trees for weak limbs, disease, pests, and any other issues.
  2. Prune your trees annually to ensure they are growing to be as strong and resilient as possible.
  3. Support any vulnerable trees with cable braces
  4.  Move any vehicles or property from underneath or nearby the trees.
  5. Locate and review your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Securing your trees  after the storm

  1. Call 911 or the electrical company if the electric lines are down.
  2. Inspect and document (photo, video) the damage to any structures, landscaping, or property. Do not attempt to remove a medium or large tree off of a structure.
  3. Assess and prioritize any urgent issues- tarp roofs (if needed), unstable trees threatening structures, trees blocking roads and driveways.
  4. Contact Us for a plan to save or remove any trees that have been damaged.
  5. Contact your insurance company to file a claim if the trees have fallen on any structures.
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