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Tree Removal By Crane

Standard Tree Removal

High Risk Tree Removal

Lot Clearing

Basic Tree Removal Tree Removal

If you have small or medium size trees that are easily accessible, our team can quickly remove and dispose of your trees with our basic equipment, saving you time and money. Most of the trees we remove are done this way, avoiding the cost of transporting and using our advanced equipment like our crane .

Our estimator will visit your property and create the safest, most efficient plan to remove your trees. He will give you your choices if your project needs an advanced strategy.  

Hazardous Tree Removal

Some tree removal projects are more hazardous than others.  We have special equipment, including a tree removal crane, to make the jobs quck and safe.  Here are some of the situations that make removing trees hazardous:

– Storm damaged trees

-Diseased and dead trees

-Twin or triple forked tree trunks

-Trees close to houses and structures

-Hollow and root-rotted trees

-Trees on steep slopes

-Overgrown and large trees

Crain-Assisted Tree Removal

In high-risk situations, and in situations where there can be no impact to nearby landscaping, we can use our crane to “air lift” your trees over your home or building

Lot Clearing

We offer lot clearing services for property owners, developers, and builders in Harford and Cecil counties.  This includes tree, brush, and debris removal, with optional grading, rock, and gravel/crush removal.

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Whether a recent storm has damaged a tree on your property and you need it taken care of ASAP or you’re nervous about the overhanging branches that are threatening your roof, the tree service experts at Clayton’s Tree Service offer comprehensive tree services to meet any and all of your needs. From stump grinding, to land clearing, to shrub removal and more, we are prepared to handle all of your needs professionally and efficiently.

Our company offers tree services to both residents and business owners throughout Maryland.